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All Abvand products are completely in accordance with national and international standards.

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About us

Abvand Company was established in 1975 in a surface area of 25000 m2 in Paytakht Industrial Town. With three decades of experience, this company is active in the production of water and sewage casting parts including various water connectors and manhole, non-manhole and water covers with water and sewage, municipal, gas, telecommunications and airport applications. All the products of this company are completely in accordance with national and international standards.


Effort to decrease environmental pollution, save the resources and avoid the waste of them 


Safety and Security, Honesty and Integrity, Environmental Responsibility, Respect for Others, Quality and Excellence, Social Responsibility


With over three decades of experience in casting, Abvand Company has received numerous achievements and awards in Iran.


Abvand Company needs qualified people for the completion of its administrative and technical staff.

A new generation of anti-theft ductile cast iron over stream cover with high input water flow

  • D400

    This cover can tolerate 400 KN (40 Tons) of pressure and is in D working class.

  • Abvand

    The design of this cover has been registered in the name of Abvand Company in the Industrial Property Registration Office.

  • GJS 400

    This cover is made of ductile cast iron and its minimum tensile strength is 400 Mpa according to the standard.

  • INSO 14976

    This cover was produced under the National Standard of Iran.


Abvands History

  • 1981 1991
  • 1987

    In line with the objectives of the Islamic Republic of Iran in self-sufficiency and increasing industrial productions, Abvand Company started its activities in the field of production of high pressure cast iron connectors by specialized and instructed personnel for the construction of cast iron parts and experienced managers in the execution of water projects with complete familiarity with the requirements of this field in construction projects.

  • 1988

    Due to the Iran-Iraq War, all state companies in water industry including Luleh Va Mashinsazi Iran (LMI Co.) Company, and Ahwaz Pipe Mills started producing military equipment; therefore, Abvand Company was recognized as the only producer of ductile cast iron connectors and pipes in the private sector.

  • 1991 2001
  • 1993

    The transfer of Abvand Company to the current location in Paytakht (Ali Abad) Industrial Town in a surface area of 15000 m2 and purchasing automatic casting line, shot blast and laboratory equipment in the same year with an investment over one billion Rials

  • 1997

    Selection of the booth of Abvand Company as the best booth in the Specialized Water and

  • 2001 2011
  • 2008

    Receiving ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate from DQS Company

  • 2009

    Regarding the continuous presence in 7 Specialized Water and Sewage Industry Exhibitions, the booth of Abvand Company was selected as the best booth in the Specialized Water and Sewage Industry Exhibition in Zahedan.

  • 2011 2021
  • 2013

    The selection of the CEO of Abvand Company as one of the exemplar industrialists in Iran and receiving the statue of the best industrialist in the conference hall of the Ministry of the Interior

  • 2014

    Abvand Company installed two average frequency induction furnaces with a capacity of 2.5 Tons in its casting room and equipped its metallurgic tests specialized laboratory in line with the objectives of the development and progress of Iran and efforts to produce products under national and international standards.

Research and development is a factor of development and modernity in various companies. Regarding its customers' needs, Abvand Company always tries to improve the quality of its products with regard to the installation and launching of the new devices and systems in the field of casting. Research and Development Unit of Abvand Company is continuously active in reviewing, designing and producing new parts in the field of water and sewage industry and other parts.

The laboratory of Abvand Company has metallurgic tests specialized devices on the existing samples. This company has various cutter, polisher, hot mount, cold mount, invert and non-invert metallurgical microscopes, universal tensile, pressure, bending and quantometre testing machines for the analysis of metal samples. This company is also receiving ISO 17025 Standard for the accreditation of its laboratory.

This unit is responsible for the provision and construction of metal gauges for the molding of parts. This unit also designs and produces all welding steel connectors such as simple and flange up to size DN1200.

All parts produced in this company including connectors and covers are electrostatically covered by Epoxy Powder Color Coating. The thickness of the coating is at least 250 micrometers in water connectors and the color has health certificate for drinking water. Colors are changeable based on customers' favorite RAL.

All the produced connectors of this company are tested in the leakage test unit and in the allowed working pressure of workshop test. In case of any leakage, the parts will be returned for re-melting.

This unit has 4 CNC machines, 3 radial drills and a boring machine. All turning and drilling phases are controlled according to ISO 2531 and DIN EN 1092- Standards.

This company has a spinning table shot blast device which is able to shot large parts with a diagonal up to 1.80  meters. Surface cleaning is done by sputtering special shots which are thrown by 3 turbines at the parts.


This company has two 2.5 Ton average frequency induction furnaces which are able to produce up to 20 Tons of casting parts each day. All casting orders of customers up to 5 Tons are able to be done in this company. Various gray, ductile, malleable and alloy cast irons can be produced. All casting phases, melt preparation, and achieving the desired cast iron grid are controlled.


This unit is active in the field of designing wood and aluminum models. All the parts produced in this company including water connectors, manhole covers, and park and urban essentials are designed and modeled by a related software like CATIA, SolidWorks or Mechanical. Then, advanced CNC machines work until they obtain their final shapes. This company is prepared to review and implement any order of special parts for its customers in the design and engineering unit.

Abvand Company with approximately three decades of experience

With almost three decades of experience, Abvand Company is active in the production of water and sewage casting parts including various water connectors and manhole, non-manhole and water covers with water and sewage, municipal, gas, telecommunications and airport applications. This company has recently designed and produced a new generation of municipal water covers having all the criteria of National Standard of Iran No. INSO 14976.

Special attention to input water flow in the design of these covers
Design and production in 1000×600 and 1200×600 sizes.
Ability to install dirt stuck pan made of galvanized sheets to collect dirt


Water and sewage covers
Municipality covers
Park and urban essentials

Having an experienced and educated personnel in management positions, Abvand Company does its best to increase quality and customer satisfaction.


  • Engineer Amir Hossein Noor Bakhsh: Manager of the company

  • Engineer Hormoz Noor Bakhsh: CEO



  • Chinese radial drills

  • Hungarian radial drills

  • Romanian drills

  • Boring machine

  • Electrostatic color machine

  • Bulgarian turning machine

  • Russian turning machine

  • Romanian turning machine

  • Georgian turning machine

  • Shot blast

  • 3-Ton forklift

  • Cutter

  • Metallographic microscope

  • Polisher

  • Hot mount

  • Continuous mixer

  • 2.5-Ton induction furnace

The industrial design of flexible mutual connection has been recorded with the statement No. 139350140002002118 in Industrial Property Registration Office in the name of Abvand Company.

Contact us

Contact information

Central Office:
Unit 12, Fourth Floor, Building No. 438, next to Saderat Bank, Taleghani Forked Road, Shariati St., Tehran
Tel: 77534463-77533007        Fax: 77533528

Company Address:
At the corner of Narges 10, Kaj Blvd., Paytakht Industrial Town, after Sharif Abad Police, Khavaran Road, Tehran
Telefax: 023-34572044