Effort to decrease environmental pollution, save the resources and avoid the waste of them 

* Company's policy towards society:
- Effort to decrease environmental pollution, save the resources and avoid the waste of them
- Effort to improve and develop the company and increase the quality of the products for a longer life
- Participation in the development of employment, education, and equitable distribution of opportunities; and effort for the fair product prices
- Prevention of human injuries and illnesses of the personnel, welfare and safety promotion
- Development of human resources and staff participation, motivating the staff and creating a suitable working environment, enhancing employees' skills and knowledge through planned and continuous instructions for continuous improvement of the system

- Development of management systems, promotion of systematic thinking and identification and use of modern technology

* Company's policy towards customers, contractors and employers:
- Improving customers’ and stakeholders’ satisfaction and gaining their trust
- Using an Honest, straightforward and respectful method
- Timely, accurate and complete informing, easy company-customer relationship, adherence to contracts and predictability of the company
- Flexibility and effort for the promotion of the quality of products and services (adherence to quality standards)

* Company's policy towards partner companies:
- Trusting them, using the honest, straightforward and respectful method, protection of intellectual property rights and promotion of business ethics
- Accurate informing, easy communication, transparent transactions, compliance with contracts and quick conduction of commitments
- Providing equitable opportunities and avoiding any discrimination and exclusivity, defining current and future needs, and predictability
- Accepting to participate in a healthy competitive environment.

Senior manager of Abvand Company is committed to the above items and tries to decrease the existing risks in the working environment and prevent pollution and comply with the rules and regulations.
He also calls the staff for purposeful planning and provision of resources for advance in this regard to use all their creativity and innovations for the realization of the goals of the company and facilitate achieving the above-mentioned goals by complete participation in business processes. This will be investigated in the periodic review of the systems; and then, necessary facilities will be provided.